There is only one breath between life and death.  The important thing is to make every breath count – not only for myself but for someone else as well.”

– Joan Chittister

Death is the great unspeakable. We tiptoe around it and talk of it—if we must—in hushed tones. But death comes inevitably to us all. At the end of your life, what do you want to leave behind?

Death is a part of life. Embracing life, living fully and with intention, includes looking toward death and preparing for that day, whenever it arrives. We cannot know how or when death will find us, but with thought and care we can be ready when it does. That preparation can be one of the most treasured gifts we leave to those we love, a gift that will bring them peace and security even in their grieving.

Kim Ebert Colella and Shannon Ronald have been privileged to walk with friends and family through the dying process. In the great abyss of grief, they have discovered joy and a profound sense of gratitude for life. Through Lasting Gifts, they share their experience and insights to help people live more fully by embracing the whole of life.

 Our Mission 

The mission of Lasting Gifts is to help people live with intention and die in peace. We believe that providing this assistance will enable people to embrace mortality and thus engage in life more fully.